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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dog Park Feature: Push Out Homeless People

Do Your Techie Residents Have a Problem With Homeless People?  

Solution: Clear the Homeless Out!

These guys are on their way up in Emeryville
Homeless people are a problem that should be dealt with by clearing them away.  So says the Emeryville City Council as they now prepare to use Emeryville taxpayer money to build a dog park entirely in Oakland who's primary function will be to clear out persistent homeless encampments near the Emeryville border under the 40th Street bridge, the site of the future dog park.  These encamped homeless people have been venturing into Emeryville committing crimes and spreading disease plus they smell bad says E'Ville Eye blog editor Rob Arias.  He testified to the Public Safety Committee recently that he's fearful about walking in his own neighborhood and he implored the Emeryville police to clear out the homeless encampments in West Oakland since Oakland cops are not responsive.

Dogs In, Poor People Out
...these guys are on their way down
Mr Arias used his blog to rally his readers to descend on the City Council chambers May 17th  to insist the City clear out the homeless people by putting building the dog park at the top of the list of priorities for the Five Year Capital Improvement program for the City.  This is the same list that provides funds for parks, children, seniors, pedestrian/bike bridges over railroad tracks and the like.  No mention was made by Mr Arias or his followers or the City Council facing the crowd and feeling their pain that another dog park is going in only one block away at the Sherwin Williams site when the developer for that project gets the go ahead (after the election in November).

Two Side by Side Dog Parks Needed
...and these guys are out...all the way out.
Why didn't anyone mention the Sherwin Williams dog park at the capital improvements discussion on the 17th?  Because techies and homeless people don't mix and the dog park under the bridge isn't really meant to serve as a dog's meant to be a buffer between homeless people in West Oakland and the techies populating the Park Avenue neighborhood in Emeryville. As more and more techies move into Emeryville thanks to the City Council building bock after block of drive-in drive-out market rate (men's) dormitories to house them, clearing out homeless people is becoming a pattern and practice of our progressive City Council majority.

In With the New
Meet Emeryville's newest resident.
We remember who's pain the Council felt when calls were made to deny a toehold to these undesirable types at the Center of 'Community' Life bike/pedestrian path and the EBI pedestrian path and the Joseph Emery Park.  The City Council even amended the General Plan to stop bike/ped connectivity in order to deny homeless people places to congregate when they deleted our bike/ped paths and moved to replace an existing park that the E'Ville Eye warned the homeless had "targeted", into a skate park.  The Council noted the skate park would serve a dual function of providing a space for skateboarders and clearing out homeless people...a twofer.
To her credit, Councilwoman Jac Asher told her colleagues that the City bears a responsibility to providing for people living with homelessness and that she expects them (her colleagues) to agree to part with some cash (for unspecified uses) to help with the problem when the budget comes under discussion later in the year.  We'll have to wait to see how that turns out.

Lots of Dogs
Emeryville's City Council really likes dogs.  They just finished building a ersatz public dog park at the Parc on Powell project, a whole city block of rental apartments that go for $3000 per month for a one bedroom unit.  Now they're going to build two dog parks right next to each other in the Park Ave area, a neighborhood that's going to absorb almost 1000 market rate all rental techie units associated with the Sherwin Williams project.  That's a lot of dogs.

At least they can't be accused of not listening to their constituents.

And who's generally not included among their constituents?  Poor people and families.  These are the two groups that are being edged out of our town, all the overheated hyperbolic rhetoric from the City Council notwithstanding.  Over the last ten years, Emeryville has grown exponentially but even with all that growth, families have actually been reduced in numbers.  Emeryville's housing policy (in practice it's more of a lack of a policy) has resulted in a hemorrhaging of children, so much so that we're now the city with the fewest  children in the whole East Bay.  And poor people?  They've been ignored and pushed out as the Council lets developers build residential projects to suit their stockholder's profit needs.  The progressive Council majority so far has only managed to keep affordability from decreasing (they kept the status quo) at one project, in the aggregate, we're keeping on our headlong rush to provide safe haven for residential projects filled with dog loving single techies (girlfriends or wives welcome when applicable).

Two dog parks a block away from each other...nice! 

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  1. when i saw the skate board park being constructed i knew that they were homeless proofing public property. now homeless people are camping out on my doorstep! they leave after the police arrive but come right back after they leave. from public property to private property... nice job city planners!