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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ken Bukowski: School Board Candidates Statement

Emeryville resident Ken Bukowski is running for a seat on the School Board of Trustees for Emery Unified School District.  Mr Bukowski noted the $900 fee required by Alameda County to print a candidates statement was beyond his means.  Given the Tattler's pledge that no longer will appointed School Board members undemocratically slide into that body without public consent and the fact that the $900 barrier to entry for candidates is not reasonable and in recognition that unexpurgated democracy is vitally important for a functioning civic polity, the Tattler presents the candidate statement of Mr Bukowski (at no charge):

            Candidate for Emery Unified School District Governing Board

* I served on the Emeryville City Council for 24 years.

* I was the council member responsible for merging our city fire department with Alameda County Fire Department. As a result, the city saves over a million dollars each year, and the consolidation provides more equipment, and more personnel to do the job.

* We should examine the feasibility of merging the Emery School District with another district. To maintain a separate district for such a small number of kids must be impacting the amount of available funds the district has for programs and services.

* Many parents are paying to send their kids outside the district when they would potentially send them to our school. As a result, the district is importing students from outside the district. This means those parents have no voice in electing members to serve on the school board.

* I believe the school board needs to open more dialogue with parents and teachers. I propose the creation of a live broadcast event to discuss issues in the schools, including an opportunity for parents to call in during the broadcast.


* Co-founder of City-School Committee (regular joint meetings of the City Council and School District Board).

* Co-founder of Emeryville Child Development Center

* Founder of the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce.

* Volunteer provider of links to video record public meetings and events. This includes providing video links to all the school board meetings, many city meetings and meetings of regional agencies.


  1. Are his qualifications as founder and co-founder true? Why does he list his occupation as "Videographer" on the ballot if so?

  2. To respond to the question. My understanding is you are supposed to list your current occupation. There is also an audience of people who watch my posting of the school board videos as a videographer. It is what I am known for lately. Being a founder or co-founder is not an occupation. The county has a list of acceptable occupations they will allow to be used. The statement(s) are absolutely true. The Emeryville Child Development Center ECDC is one of my best contributions to the city. Very few cities have such a facility. Previous city managers have tried to eliminate it because it's expensive. The importance of pre-school cannot be overstated. It is a statement to show how long I have been supportive of kids in our community.