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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gun 'Nuts' Go Out With A Fizzle

'Bad Boy' Gunners Impotent; Shooting Blanks

It turned out to be a bluff. Gun enthusiasts vowed to swamp City Hall Tuesday night with over 100 speakers to try for a reversal on the gun store ordinance that passed 'first reading' by the council on March 16. As it turned out, not even one speaker addressed the council against the ordinance. Two speakers from the Legal Community Against Violence affirmed the modest nature of the regulation proscribed by the new ordinance.

All the threats and intimidation from the gunners turned out to be just a bunch of heat and light amounting to nothing. Emeryville residents were more than a match for a co-ordinated effort by the NRA. The council passed the second reading of the ordinance 5-0, and the ordinance is now law.


  1. You haven't made it clear we could still get a gun store opening on San Pablo (or anywhere else for that matter). The ordinance is so weak that it doesn't impede a store at all really. Emeryville should ban gun stores outright like they do some other business we collectively don't want.

  2. Yep, ban gun stores. That should make for good entertainment when the city is faced with a bill totaling thousands of dollars in legal fees.