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Thursday, April 8, 2010

'Gunners' Death Wish For Emeryville Residents

Violence Fantasy Loosed On Our Town

NRA backed "gunners" are licking their wounds in the wake of their defeat at the April 6th Emeryville city council meeting (see Tattler article). Their fight against the approved gun store ordinance, primarily co-ordinated at the blog site featured much ruminating about the loss, including a death wish fantasy about Emeryville residents from a 'senior member'.

The member, code named Road Runner said Emeryville residents now won't be able to defend themselves against criminals since gun stores have been regulated by the new ordinance. Road Runner tried to console his colleagues by offering "I have no problem with them (the Emeryville residents) making an environment that causes antigunners (sic) to become thinned out through somewhat of a culling by the criminals".

The full text is re-printed below:

Initially, I considered joining the fight, however, when I watched the last meeting and I saw all of the residents that were so willing to give up their rights, I just turned it off and decided to let them have their hearts desire. We know that people in places that have draconian gun laws, regret allowing it to happen, and we know that after Emeryville passes these ordinances, and crime remains unchanged or goes up, people will regret these ordinances, especially when they choose to get a firearm and have to drive a distance to get it. Unfortunately, people refuse to see the need for an item until they actually need it. Unfortunately, by that time, it's too late. As evil as it may sound, I have no problem with them making an environment that causes antigunners to become thinned out through somewhat of a culling by the criminals. The people in Oakland and Emeryville need to get a clue and throw out the antigun politicians that make laws that create the environment that allows violence to thrive. Until they become more discerning when choosing their politicians, they will suffer the consequences through their own loss.


  1. I still don't know if we've stopped the gun store from opening.

  2. I meant what I said!

  3. FYI: Criminals can buy guns on the streets without this gun store.. It's law abiding citizens that are discouraged by laws like this.

  4. Gee, I think I'll have a whole arsenal in my home for protection. When I'm burgled again, they'll love my AK-47 much more than grandma's pearl ring...

  5. Note to readers:

    The NRA crowd has used the comments section of this blog to spread untruths about the recently passed ordinance.

    -The ordinance does not ban gun stores from opening in our town.

    -It doesn't prohibit unaccompanied minors from stores that sell guns like sporting goods stores. It does prohibit unaccompanied minors from stores that PRIMARILY sell guns (otherwise known as gun stores).

    -It stops gun store owners from employing felons and clinically insane people. (This by the way may be the primary reason all these gunners are so rabidly against this...they're worried they may not be able to get a job at an Emeryville gun store.)

    -It doesn't allow gun stores to sell used guns.

    -It mandates occasional inventory checks to make sure guns don't start going missing.

    This ordinance DOES NOT BAN GUN STORES. Any business that can't manage to do the meager provisions in this ordinance is not really a viable business. Other businesses in Emeryville manage to contend with even more onerous regulation than what this ordinance mandates, and they're doing fine. We are being subjected to the NRA paranoid campaign of not giving one inch to would be regulators. That's their nation-wide push, and we're feeling it here in Emeryville.

    People who won't give an inch in public policy discourse are by definition not reasonable. They're demagogues.

  6. Brian - you really are such a tool.

    1) FFLs are already prohibited from hiring felons (look up "COE").

    2) Define "primarily" in regards to a business. Are you basing "primarily" upon inventory numbers, inventory value, sales? How many baseball bats would you have to sell to equal the cost of one Perrazi shotgun? I think that you need to explore the issue a little more.

    3) The ordinance does allow gun stores to sell used guns. Apparently you can't read.

    4) The "occasional" inventory checks you allude to are twice-yearly comprehensive reports of inventory, influx and disposition of every firearm including confidential information on the purchasers.

    5) Since you so diligently moderate (suppress) contrary comments, the "NRA crowd" hasn't had an opportunity to post an opposing view. Clearly, it's your blog and your right, but it's quite a bit of chutzpah to delete comments and then claim that the other side is engaged in propaganda.

    6) You must be horribly sensitive to be bothered by "this nation-wide push" that you're feeling in Emeryville. Christ - there wasn't a single gun-rights advocate at the April 6 meeting. Maybe you were feeling the psychic energy? Go adjust your tinfoil.

    Pull your head out, Brian.

  7. News Flash:
    Sometimes the NRA will engage in lies as it promulgates its vision of an armed-to-the-teeth America.

    -Brian Donahue, tool for the Emeryville Police Department

  8. To the readers-

    To answer Mr Anonymous (April 16) about suppression of comments; I have let the NRA people make more than 50 comments on this blog about the gun ordinance. I have only deleted six because they engaged in personal attacks and were not therefore germain. Mr Anonymous apparently feels he is being unfairly suppressed so I advise he start his own blog.

  9. This guy is really a sicko.

  10. Hey Brian, are you willing to post the complete ordinance so that we all can see it?

    In response to unaccompanied minors being prohibited from going in to a gun store, why in the world is that such a huge problem? Do you actually think that a minor, that includes anyone under the age of 18, is going to become more violent if they are allowed in a gun store? Or perhaps you think that the store owners are going to slip said minor a gun. Please explain this irrational logic that prevents a minor from going into a gun store.