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Thursday, June 3, 2010

How They Voted

Hostile 'Private To Private'
Eminent Domain?

At the Tattler, we've noticed the city council and other deliberative bodies in Emeryville make controversial votes that get forgotten by the residents over time. In deference to the general edification of public policy and to strengthen Emeryville's democratic institutions, we will publish occasional short reminders on how the Power Elite in town have voted on these controversial issues.

In November 2008, the vote before the city council was:

Should a private landowner, who has made a request for approval of a rehabilitation development of his existing historic brick building be denied and instead have his property taken away in a hostile eminent domain and given to another (but much larger) private developer, Wareham Development Corporation?

Nora Davis - YES
Ken Bukowski - YES
Dick Kassis - YES
Ruth Atkin - YES

John Fricke - ABSTAIN (conflicted out)

Note: The owner of the building wanted to rehab the existing historic brick building, but in addition to the forced sale, new owner Wareham Development was also granted permission to tear down the building and construct a new building. The council also voted to permit Wareham to exceed the zoning ordinance height allowance for the proposed building. This building will be on the Emeryville Greenway and has been shown that it will block sunlight on the Greenway. It should be noted that the General Plan calls for rehabbing these older historic vernacular brick warehouse buildings in our town.
Council member Fricke previously had a law office in the building and didn't vote.

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  1. They're really looking out for us, aren't they? Keep posting the How They Voted series...they are very illuminating.