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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Racial Discrimination Alleged

Racism At Bay Street Apartments

A local fair housing agency has disclosed allegations of racial discrimination at the Bay Street Apartments, the Tattler has learned. Wanda Remmers of Berkeley based Housing Rights Inc said details cannot be released at this time due to possible legal constraints during an ongoing investigation, but made reference to "a number of complaints" at the for-rent apartments located at the Bay Street Mall.

Ms Remmers indicated that the alleged discrimination has been occurring in association with the below market rate rentals, the set-aside units developers must provide in large scale housing properties in Emeryville. The City has been notified of the allegations according to Housing Rights Inc.

Ms Remmers said that her organization has been "very active in Emeryville" and included information about a 'child discrimination' case that involved a family being evicted because they had a baby, at another, undisclosed Emeryville apartment unit.

The owner of the Bay Street Apartments, General Investment & Development, a Boston Massachusetts concern, and the City Attorney's office, both didn't return calls about the allegations.

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