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Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Piedmont School Moves To Emeryville

Emerville's Ralph Hawley Middle School on 61st Street has been rented to another City of Piedmont public school.  Beach Elementary School will lease the former Emeryville school now that that Piedmont's Wildwood Elementary School has left.  Emery Unified School District abandoned the Ralph Hawley school in a money saving consolidation bid several years ago.

Re-Printed from the Peidmont Patch:

Beach Elementary Packs Up

The school is moving to Emeryville for a year while the building undergoes seismic retrofits and modernization.


  1. It seems like Piedmont is really on the ball with coordinating their school improvements. I am very concerned about our own Emeryville Middle and High School students. What will happen to them during the construction of the new school here. I'm afraid that our city is more concerned about Piedmont's wellbeing and the opening of the new Private Spanish school on San Pablo Ave. I don't see any real thought going into Emeryville's school expansion and the impact and the further degradation that will be brought upon our own school district caused by poor planning. It seems that our elected officials are truly not looking after our own.

  2. especially when $9 million was spent renovating anna yates two years ago.

    and according to the council meeting june 21, no one at city hall seems to know either.

  3. No at the school district knows either.

    Too may chiefs and not enough indians in the district.
    Too much useless bloat spent on useless people at the school district.
    Why does a school of 380 have 3 counselors, a Prinicpal, a Vice Principal, and a Dean. (And nevermind the fact that the head counselor is not qualified for his job, and no one seems to care.)

    I went to a school of 1600 students and we have 4 counselors, why does a high school 1/4 the size have 3 counselors?

    Not to mention the HR person at the district has never been trained, does not know employment law, and regularly does things that are illegal.

    I could go on...

  4. If another school is taking over the Ralph Hawley building, then where are the high school kids of EMERYVILLE going to be??? The district already has the middle school kids at Anna Yates this coming year.These people on the board have informed the parents of starting construction this year. Now its another year of nothing and our kids suffer from it. Where is the money they so begged and pleaded to need is going? More administrative overhead. Time for the people to call in an investigation if you ask me.