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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! How About Some PKS Reduction ?

It's Not That Bad, It's Only A Little 
PKS Reduction

A school district has many little problems that arise, details it must contend with to keep the whole enterprise humming.  A lot of what needs to be done is routine clearing out of miscellaneous detritus and clutter that tends to build up... like PKS for instance.  The Emery Unified School District recently informed the Tattler they're ready to clean the place up by getting rid of the extra PKS.
 In the spirit of full disclosure and total transparency, Emery Unified lets Emeryville residents and the surrounding community know about pretty much everything about the day to day running of the schools, including the minutia like reducing the PKS.  We've noticed they don't make a big deal about it probably because they feel the parent, guardian and citizen stakeholders need to keep focused on the bigger issues facing the District but the fact that Emery puts PKS reductions on the public School Board agendas shows the level of commitment this District has to properly informing the public.  We do appreciate knowing about little problems like too much PKS building up and the requisite trimming and clearing out performed by the Board.

For the uninitiated, learn about the troublesome PKS build up HERE.

Let's Clean This Place Up!
Don't be concerned, It's just a little PKS reduction.
Just tidying up... really there's no need to pay attention even.
We're just sweeping away the detritus, the build up of excess PKS

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  1. HA! I love it! PKS is on of those great government generated acronyms that really reveals a political truth. So we can be entertained by it but really it's shameful our school district would use these kinds of tactics. Good on you to do this story but I don't think many will get your meaning.