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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Property Owners Group Calls Big Meeting

Town Hall Meeting on Parking Problem 
in the North Hollis Area

The Emeryville Property Owners Association has agreed to host a town hall meeting to facilitate dialogue and debate surrounding the city's plan to alter parking policy in the North Hollis area.
Residents in the North Hollis area have been negatively impacted by new development over the years in the neighborhood and tempers have been fraying.  Daytime parking has been dramatically impacted and long time residents without off street parking have taken a major hit.
The meeting is scheduled for Saturday January 12th between 10 and 11:15 AM.  Council members have shown interest in attending and member Jennifer West has agreed to speak.
The UPOA group said the primary reason for the meeting is to empower citizens and solicit their opinions to forward to City Hall.  The tentative meeting location is the Ralph Hawley Middle School auditorium at 1275 61st Street.  The EPOA site and more about the meeting is HERE.

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