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Saturday, January 25, 2014

School Board Releases Superintendent Lindo Letter: Sped Up Early "Retirement" Cited

The Emery Unified School District Board of Trustees sent the following to employees of the entire School District in a late Friday 'news dump'.  This notice, obtained by the Tattler, represents the explanation, such that it is, for what has happened to Superintendent Debbra Lindo who mysteriously went missing late last month.  The Board notice maintains Ms Lindo simply decided to speed up her "retirement" date, nothing more than that.  Ms Lindo announced her early "retirement" last fall and was supposed to serve until June.  This letter explains how the June date was bumped up to January.

Here is the notice:

To All Members of the Emery Unified School District

The Emery USD Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that two former Emery Unified School District Superintendents, John Quinn and John Sugiyama, have agreed to collaboratively serve as the District's Interim Superintendent for the remainder of the 2014 school year.  These two proven, passionate and trusted leaders begin in this role immediately.

Earlier this school year, Dr. Lindo announced her intent to retire on June 30th, 2014 and the Board put in motion the search for our next superintendent.  Earlier this week, Dr. Lindo and the Board reached a mutual agreement that moved her retirement date from June 2014 to January 2014.  We determined that this transition is in the best interest of the organization as we face aggressive and exciting challenges presented by national and state education reforms and local facilities and education projects.  We thank Dr. Lindo for her contributions to our District, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.


  1. Interesting wording: One wonders, is there a law-suit in the making?

    As Emeryville is so small, wouldn't we be better served with a co-team of the principals and other "passionate and trusted leaders"?

  2. How many superintendents does it take to lead a two-school school district, of which only half of the students are residents of Emeryville. This is getting so inept it is almost funny.

  3. Replace your school board.
    Replace your school board.
    Replace your school board.
    Replace your school board.

    You keep electing the same twits, and the same mis-management continues.