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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ownership vs Renting in Emeryville

As Emeryville continues on with its program of building nothing but 100% rental apartment buildings, housing activists release the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, a very informative website allowing for graphic income comparisons between owners and renters in the Bay Area and beyond.  The site addresses issues around ownership wealth building for communities.  It's clear that ownership housing changing to rentals, a common thing in high rent Emeryville, cements the income gap.  This site is valuable for Emeryville residents to increase understanding as we begin the debate about narrowing the ownership to renter gap for new residential projects in our town.
Let the map load for a moment before you begin.
The site is here:

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  1. There is virtually no ownership to renter gap in the Triangle neighborhood, but there is a twice as much gap next to the Triangle in Oakland, who has rent control. I have noticed that as rents and property values increase in the Triangle, property's are better maintained and the area becomes even more desirable. I don't understand why would it be a property owner's responsibility to subsidize someone's rent. Isn't that supposed to be what welfare is for?