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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Emeryville's Nordstrom Rack Proudly Selling Trump Products

Emeryville Residents Can Help 
Make America Great Again
Shop Nordstrom Rack in Emeryville and
grab 'em by the p****!
White Emeryville residents who are interested in showing their support for President-elect Donald Trump can do so by shopping at the Nordstrom Rack store in the East Bay Bridge Mall and pick up a great bargain in the deal.  White Nationalists and Anti-Keynesians in town can grab a pair (!) of Ivanka Trump pumps at discount prices or peruse the Trump offerings in the accessories department all while showing their disdain for Mexicans and women.  Nordstrom has drawn the ire of non-racist and non-misogynist Americans who have called for nation-wide corporate divestiture in Trump products especially since the November 8th Presidential election.  Nordstrom however has expressed plans to continue selling Trump swag, fomenting a nascent boycott of the Seattle based department store.
Here in Emeryville, store manger Peter Ruiz told the Tattler he has no plans to discontinue the Trump line of products, giving those who wish to show their appreciation for Mr Trump's brand of racist authoritarian trickle down supply-side economics a chance to enrich and enable the future President as he makes America great again.
Corporate sales representatives and PR executives at the Nordstrom's headquarters in Seattle did not return calls to the Tattler.
Hail Trump!
Trump pumps made in China for sale in Emeryville.
Try scaling a big beautiful wall in these!


  1. Trump is simply the greatest human being to ever live on the planet. Even God is jealous.