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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Patz, Bauters, Van Geffen Get East Bay Times Endorsment

Christian Patz
Got top billing honors

from the East Bay Times
as a corruption fighter.
The widely circulated East Bay Times endorsed Emeryville City Council candidates Christian Patz, John Bauters and John Van Geffen today.  The late in the season endorsements moved forward even though candidate Ally Medina couldn't make the interview date it was reported.  The Times places Christian Patz at the top of the heap praising his commitment to accountability and transparency calling the Emery School Board out over Brown Act violations while he has served as a trustee on that body.  Mr Patz has placed accountability and transparency at the top of his candidacy according to his campaign literature and the East Bay Times, in addition to showing appreciation to Christian Patz's commitment to those issues also agrees they're issues needing attention in Emeryville, tendering two stories to a Brown Act Violation by the Board last year.
The Times praised all three candidates for their fiscal acuity on budgetary issues.
John Bauters

The story can be read HERE.

John Van Geffen

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