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Monday, June 26, 2017

Emery Superintendent Releases Sanitized Minutes

And Now, The (Expurgated) Official Record

Emery School District Superintendent John Rubio, responding to a crush of negative public comment at a much talked about recent School Board meeting, has released his official minutes of the public meeting that negates any mention of his own poor job performance, the locus of the public condemnation.  The June 15th denouncements (covered by the Tattler) by nine of the teaching and administrative staff members represented an indictment against Mr Rubio, accounting his hostility against them, charges of racist practices being promulgated by him and his general incompetence but they were reduced to one sentence in the minutes in which his name did not even appear.
In similar fashion, Mr Rubio failed to acknowledge the substance of the nearly 50 minutes of allegations against him made by the educators at the June 15th meeting, dismissing them at the time with an ignominious "I'm not perfect. I'm trying my best".

Here is the Emery School District's just released minutes of the June 15th incrimination against Superintendent Rubio:

Seven teachers, one former Classified instructional aide, and the outgoing K8 principal spoke to the Board regarding their perceptions of cultural sensitivity, issues surrounding race, wanting to feel more supported, stating that the town of Emeryville needs to commit to education, and the importance of mutual respect between the city and the district (asking if the city partnership is really a partnership).

In an act of record keeping asymmetry, the Superintendent then went on to document by name two other commenters at that meeting, both praising of the District; devoting four sentences to the official record by his hand for their contributions.

The Board will vote to approve these minutes (or an amended version of them) at their next meeting on Wednesday.

The Superintendent could not be reached to comment on this story.


  1. Absent from the minutes was the teacher's main concern that there is a lack of leadership at EUSD.

  2. I watched ken's video. I took three pages of notes.
    public comments are rarely included in the minutes. nor roll call when motions are made and seconded. no comments were included from the may 25 meeting either. par for the course.