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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mayor Donahue Commits Emeryville to 100% Clean Energy

Mayor Donahue is a 'Mayor for 100% Clean Energy'

Emeryville Unilaterally Dumps Trump

Mayor Scott Donahue has joined with 123 other mayors across the nation to poke a thumb in the eye of President Trump and his American withdrawal of the Paris Climate Agreement with a commitment to make Emeryville a '100% clean renewable energy' town.  It's part of a Sierra Club effort to move past the broken and dysfunctional Republican politics in Washington and move ahead with an ecologically sustainable America without them.
The Sierra Club has set its sights on getting all 1481 mayors from the US Conference of Mayors to sign on to the pledge to go 100% clean by 2035, thereby reducing America's greenhouse gas emissions by 42%.
The Sierra Club 'Mayors for 100% Clean Energy' website may be seen HERE.  Emeryville is on the growing list.

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