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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Former Emery School Board Trustee Miguel Dwin fined $4000 by the FPPC

Former Emery
School Board member
Miguel Dwin
California’s Fair Political Practices Committee named former Emery Unified School District Board Trustee Miguel Dwin in a March 18th $4000 enforcement decision against Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson’s 2016 election campaign of which Mr Dwin was the treasurer. Mr Dwin, who lives in Emeryville, was charged with failure to file two required campaign statements on Mr Carson’s behalf as well as four ’24-hour’ reports in violation of Government Code Section 84203.  

Former Emery Board member Dwin was hired by Supervisor Carson in a successful run for the the county’s District 5 office in June 2016 following Mr Dwin’s failed November 2014 re-election attempt for Emery Unified’s Board.  Commission Counsel Jenna C Rinehart’s ruling against Mr Dwin is highlighted in the March enforcement report on the FPPC website (see link below).  

Mr Dwin managed the account for Supervisor Carson who's political campaign netted more than $100,000 that year. 

Former Board member Dwin, who lists as his forte community policy leadership and fiscal management, works for the Berkeley Unified School District as a budget analyst.

Mr Dwin did not return calls for purposes of this story.

FPPC Enforcement Decisions March 18th, 2021

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