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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Council Member Nora Davis Pre-Election Illness

Council Member Nora Davis' Prolonged Illness During Re-Election Campaign Causes Questions, Concerns

The normally on-the-spot Council member Nora Davis missed tonight's council meeting, the second in a row, due to pneumonia according to City Manager Pat O'Keeffe, causing her colleagues concern.  Ms Davis has also missed numerous planned campaign events over the last couple of weeks council watchers have noted.

Mr O'Keeffe told the Tattler today Mayor Davis is resting quietly at home, recuperating after a hospital stay last week.  Last week, Mr O'Keeffe told her council colleagues that the Mayor was expected to recover by last Friday and be back at work on city business and campaigning but the illness has been more serious than first indicated.

Several years ago, Ms Davis suffered from a heart attack and the City Manager at the time John Flores, told citizens and colleagues she was simply "ill", concealing the seriousness of her condition.

Mayor Davis, who will turn 84 next month has been a council member since 1987 and is running for re-election an unprecedented seventh time.  She will be 88 at the end of her term should she win re-election again.

We wish Ms Davis a speedy recovery.

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  1. I had the same concerns as you this evening, when I saw Nora was absent, and published them on my blog, but not nearly as eloquently and concisely as you did. You can see my blog for my comments at or just click my name above.

    I also wish Nora Davis a speedy recovery. As much as I disagree with her refusal to adapt her policies to the changes in Emeryville and in the economy, for years she has been the most powerful person in Emeryville politics, perhaps the most powerful local politician in Northern California. I want to see her become the "dean emeritus" to Emeryville, not refuse to help the new generation of Council Members succeed.