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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Emeryville Chief Of Police Instrumental In 'Open Carry' Gun Ban

Emeryville's Police Chief Plays State-Wide Role In New Gun Law

Over the weekend, Governor Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 144, the common sense firearms safety law that bans "open carry" within California, finally putting to rest citizens openly carrying handguns in public spaces and the new law couldn't have been enacted without the efforts of Emeryville's own Chief of Police Ken James.  The contentious issue has been wending its way through the State Assembly in fits and starts for years, gummed up by Republicans and extremist gun groups but was finally signed into law by the Democratic Governor on Sunday.
Chief James has taken a high profile on the issue, serving as the chairman of the gun committee of the influential California Police Chiefs Association and he has used his position to forward AB-144.
Governor Brown told the Associated Press yesterday, "I listened to the police chiefs and they were concerned about" open carry laws.

Emeryville's Police Chief
Ken James
California's new law, the fifth such open carry prohibition in the nation, makes it a misdemeanor to openly carry an unloaded handgun in public spaces, adding to the existing law that forbids carrying loaded firearms openly in such places.  It is this distinction that riled Chief James; "Among other problems it's an officer safety issue, it puts cops in an uncomfortable position", he told the Tattler.  Mr James noted that if people openly carry weapons in the community, officers have to stop to check if the handguns are loaded.  He said such interactions are rife with possibilities of minor officer peccadilloes and they have consequently been a growing source of litigation, elsewhere in the State, against public agencies by the open carry movement.  He hinted that these lawsuits have been part of an orchestrated effort by gun groups such as the National Rifle Association and Cal Guns.  Mr James intimated these lawsuits are being used as a tactic against law enforcement and he noted the ideologically driven nature of the open carry people, "This is just a step, they are driving this towards  'concealed carry' laws" or a forced 'shall issue' permit he said, ultimately for anyone asking to carry a concealed and loaded handgun anywhere for any reason.

The president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Dallas Stout told reporters Sunday, "By prohibiting the open carry of guns, we can now take our families to the park or out to eat without the worry of getting shot by some untrained, unscreened, self-appointed vigilante."
Chief Ken James concurred, he said it's about public safety, "people should have the right to feel free and safe in their communities."


  1. Nice work,Chief. Glad to see the gun loonies take a loss on this.

    Joe Cohen

  2. That's really too bad.
    The only things these laws hurt is law abiding citizens.
    The dangerous people and criminals will still carry loaded guns around. Now, thoze of us who wosh to protect ourselves have no recourse but to break the law, or take the risk of being a victim. If i lived in emeryville, i would want the option to tote a weapon around.
    Also, to get a weapon permit, you have to be trained, you have to take class to even buy a pistol. So if someone is following the laws, they aren't some, untrained, unscreened, self appointed vigilante.
    You are awefully ignorant about gun laws and open carry, you should do some research before you open your mouth, or vote.

  3. Oh, ive got a question for you. When was the last time you saw someone openly carrying?

    I can tell you when it was for me, about 6 years ago when i was living in oakland, i heard automatic weapon fire, looked out my window and saw a black man in his early twenties running arcross the street with an Uzi. I'm guessing he didn't have an open carry permit.

  4. Every time the Tattler does a story involving guns, out comes the (racist) gun "enthusiasts", en masse. To the gunners- this will be the last comment I let through that sniffs of racism. You can comment all you want about how the Constitution allows us to all carry loaded and concealed .50 caliber automatic weapons and surface-to-air missiles but the racism ends here.

    1. With all due respect I don't see a connection between gun enthusiasts and racists. If that has been your experience on this blog I would tend to think they are more just racists looking to capitalize on the subject matter. The 2nd amendment like our Constitution is for all Men and is especially help full to remind the racist ones that we are all Equal whether they like it or not. On Anonymous, yeah I think he was trying to troll on race.

  5. The Constitution allows weapons for "a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
    We don't need or have a well regulated Militia and so the second part of this makes no sense, unless of course those with arms are the first to head off to war to secure our state.

    Thanks to our chief of police.

  6. Reporting what someone saw is racism? Even though there wasn't a derogatory statement made?

    You really need to understand what racism REALLY is.
    It certainly is not describing a scene.

  7. OK there, Skippy. Thanks for your "enlightened" perspective.

  8. "Among other problems it's an officer safety issue, it puts cops in an uncomfortable position", No this is an office fear issue, indicative of the officer mentality that only their safety is of importance. It's We the People, not we the number to be regulated by a police state. I understand being an office is a scary dangerous job, but if your not up to it you should quit, not try to make yourself safe at others expense