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Friday, October 28, 2011

Nora Davis' False Endorsement List

Former Mayor Harper Cries Foul:
Nora Davis Falsely Claims Former Mayor's Endorsement

Former Emeryville Mayor and continuing Emerville resident, Greg Harper has announced the Nora Davis city council re-election campaign is falsely using his name as an endorser.
After a city-wide mailer was released from the Davis campaign, listing Greg Harper as an endorser, Mr Harper drafted a letter to neighbors in response stating, "Yesterday you voters may have received a campaign piece from Nora Davis listing me as a supporter. I do not support her, and she has no reason to think otherwise."  
Mr Harper declined to further elaborate and Ms Davis could not be reached for comment.  The campaign mailer was sent out to registered voters across town.


  1. May I reprint this article in my blog?

  2. As a long time supporter of Councilwoman Davis, I must admit I am reconsidering my loyalty.

  3. Old Lady Davis had her finger on the button on this one.

  4. Anonymous 2:14 p.m.,

    I don't know what to think. I like to think that Nora plays hardball, but plays according to the rules.

    As much as I am running against Nora's POLICIES I am not running against her person or character.

    If Nora had adapted her policies after cleaning up and redeveloping the first 50% of Emeryville (to start favoring residents instead of big businesses), and favored family friendly 2 and 3 bedroom condos instead of small, trendy lofts during the housing boom, I would be singing her praises instead of running against her.

    The problem I have is that Nora Davis is the undisputed leader of Emeryville City policy, partly through powers of persuasion on the Council, partly due to her long and deep connections with key members of staff (Flores and, to a slightly lesser extent, O'Keefe, and Biddle), partly due to effective behind the scenes efforts to eliminate meaningful opposition, and partly due to bullying, plain and simple, and so while she can certainly take a lion's share of the credit for many good things that have happened in Emeryville, by the same token she cannot duck responsibility for the bad things, like creating a business community that has effective veto power over resident-favoring legislation.

    To claim a false endorsement, such that the endorser cannot and does not just let it "slide" as is so often the case, is either a failure in character, or a failure in judgment.

  5. Folks, let's just call this a "senior moment" for Nora Davis. At 84 years old, who's to quibble about who endorsed who?

  6. This is outrageous. Mr Harper should file a complaint with the Alameda County District Attorney's office and the State Fair Political Practices Commission. And Ms. Davis should be forced to IMMEDIATELY mail out a post card saying that she LIED and that Mr. Harper is endorsing other candidates and NOT Davis.
    Of course, the DA's office and FPPC have their hands full---and won't do anything for three years---which is EXACTLY WHY NORA LIED ABOUT HER ENDORSEMENTS. Don't be fooled by the grandmotherly appearance, Nora Davis is an EVIL CONNIVING HARRIDAN.

  7. Mr. Webber I have a question. Are you anytime going to go around the neighborhood to explain your policies? This is a small area. Not everyone uses the internet so looking to your blog is out of the question. That was once and still is a way canidates introduce themselves to the community at large.

  8. Tara, I would be happy to visit your neighborhood. Just let me know if you are a Triangle resident or in another area, the block, and I will walk your block on Sunday morning if that is convenient to you.

    I hope you got my first campaign mailing piece; it came to my mailbox this morning so residents should be getting them over the next few days.