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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

City Manager Responds to Call For More Transparency, Accessibility

The Tattler threw down the gauntlet, the City Manger has responded and change is coming to Emeryville.

In a move perhaps meant to separate herself from her predecessors, Emeryville's new City Manager, Sabrina Landreth indicated to the Tattler she thinks City Hall transparency and better citizen accessibility to their government "is a good idea" and she is "very open" to the idea that ordinary citizens should be able to meet with her in her office at a to-be-determined regularly scheduled time, "be they groups or individuals."
 The Tattler had suggested a good time to regularly schedule such on-going public meetings would be Monday mornings at 9:00, the same time slot her predecessors Emeryville City Managers John Flores and Pat O'Keeffe met for more than 10 years with a private citizen representing business interests.  Those hundreds of meetings, reflective of Emeryville's business friendly legacy, were conducted behind closed doors, the public was never appraised of the content of discussions held there.

Ms Landreth noted the specific 9:00 am time slot might not be possible but she was not against the idea of it.  She promised to set up this on-going open door office visiting time for ordinary non-politically connected citizens although she has not yet had the opportunity to do so, "I don't have the exact date yet but this will be forthcoming" she said.

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