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Friday, August 30, 2013

Daily Cal: Mayor's Car Broken Into

From the Daily Cal:

Emeryville mayor’s car broken into

Emeryville mayor Kurt Brinkman found himself in an all-too-familiar situation for many UC Berkeley students when his car was broken into Tuesday morning and his iPhone stolen.
Brinkman said he was grabbing a coffee at Peet’s in the Emeryville Public Market when he realized his car had been broken into. He said he parked where he did because it was in the view of a surveillance camera.
He was dismayed, however, to learn that the camera was out of order and hadn’t been working for the past week.
“It’s very upsetting that one, you have a camera, and two, the camera doesn’t work,” he said in a phone interview Friday.
Brinkman said he has filed a report with police, but there are no leads.
Automobile break-ins are the second-most-common crime in Berkeley. Some 99 incidents of car break-ins and thefts were reported in the city last year, according to information from the ASUC Office of the External Affairs Vice President.
Brinkman’s advice?
“Don’t leave anything exposed,” he said. “It’s probably the most important thing you can do.”
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  1. Welcome to Emeryville, Mayor Brinkman:

    My car was broken into while parked at the Amtrak parking lot. I learned that there are two cameras: one in the center of the lot near Horton and the other on the opposite side of the lot near the tracks. However, these cameras do not rotate automatically. An employee must sit there for his/her entire shift and manually rotate the camera. Also, the only area that is lit is wherever the camera is aimed. This means that 98% of the parking lot is completely black at night. So contrary to the sign that reads "parking lot under surveillance," you're better off parking on the street.