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Friday, August 2, 2013

Golden Gate Library to Close Saturdays

Emeryville Taxpayers to Get Less Library Use 
for Their Money

Starting in mid-September, the Oakland library is proposing to close the Golden Gate Branch on Saturdays and to keep it open on Mondays, instead.  Emeryville taxpayers pay Oakland for use of the library since the City doesn't have one of its own at this point.  Presumably, most people who would use the library on Mondays could also use it on Tuesdays to Fridays; however, many people who utilize the Golden Gate Branch on Saturdays are not always able to get to the branch during weekdays.

The library is located at 5606 San Pablo Avenue in Oakland.  

If you object to the Saturday closures, please contact:
Gerry Garzon, Interim Director of the Oakland Public Library at: or (510) 238-6720 and Emeryville residents could also contact the City Manager, Sabrina Landreth
The Golden Gate Library
It could use some trees out front and
better bike parking.

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