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Friday, November 21, 2014

Alameda County Releases Final Election Results

Alameda County Certifies Emeryville 
Election Results 
Finally, it's official.  The Alameda County Registrar of Voters has certified the November 4th election in Emeryville.
Dianne Martinez and Scott Donahue are our newest City Council members and they join with Donn Merriam as our newest Emery School Board Trustee.  John Affeldt and Christian Patz, incumbents both, will return to the School Board.  Miguel Dwin, a School Board incumbent, loses his seat.  Yes on Measures U&V won, those being the charter city and real estate transfer tax measures as well as Measure K, the school parcel tax.

The Registrar certified these results today:

Emeryville City Council  (top two)

  • Dianne Martinez   1219
  • Scott Donahue    1141

         John Bauters    950
          Ken Bukowski    341

Emery School Board  (top three)

  • John Affeldt    1255
  • Christian Patz    1152
  • Donn Merriam    730

         Miguel Dwin    709

Measure U

  • Yes    1314

         No    967

Measure V

  • Yes    1353
         No    921

Measure K

  • Yes    1952

         No    327

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Dianne and Scott!!!! Measure U and V...YES!!!
    Things are looking up in ol' Emeryville.