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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ferguson Decision Protestors in Emeryville

Last night, protestors railing against the Grand Jury decision regarding the Ferguson MO police officer shooting of an unarmed man, took to the streets in Emeryville.
From the Emeryville Police late last night:

Advisory: 200+ protestors at 43rd and San Pablo. Protestors
are blocking traffic, causing small fires and vandalism.
At around 11:30 pm, over 200 protestors have marched north on San Pablo from downtown Oakland up to 45th and San Pablo. They are blocking all northbound and southbound traffic on San Pablo. The protestors are starting small fires and throwing rocks and bottles. Police are holding the line.
Contact Information: Jeannie Quan  Field Services  510-596-3706


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  1. Maybe it's time for TERM LIMITS. Emeryville seems to be dragging on that one!