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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SF Chronicle Calls Emery School Board Election for Incumbent Miguel Dwin

The San Francisco Chronicle has called incumbent Emery School Board member Miguel Dwin the winner in a six vote squeaker against challenger Donn Merriam this morning.  The final results are recorded as 457 for Dwin and 451 for Merriam, making the election the closest in modern Emeryville history.
Incumbents John Affeldt and Christian Patz both won easily with 784 and 740 respectively.


  1. Why would Kurt Brinkman use his voice on robo-calling against measures U/V when he and the other four council members voted unanimously for it?

    Why did the truck hired by Citizens to Preserve Emeryville (with a Sacramento address) with their NO ON U/V billboard sign continue to drive
    around the city for six days despite and after being warned by the police department that it was against the Municipal Code? Who hired this truck and decided he was above the law to flaunt it in this manner?

    1. Good questions all. Look to the Tattler for answers as we investigate the U&V mash up.

  2. My vote was counted as 'provisional' because I lost an envelope for the mail-in ballot. I voted, but evidently as a provisional ballot pending verification, there is a chance the ballot won't be counted. Hopefully there may be others who are in this 'status' and hopefully the Election Board will count the provisional ballots. Brian, can you weigh in on this?

  3. my yellow return envelope for the ballot was sealed and not easy to open to insert the ballot. it also says additional postage required but doesn't say how much postage. I hope two stamps will cover the postage although I affixed three first class stamps.

  4. Are you from Florida Shirley?

  5. no and I'm glad I don't live and vote in texas either.

  6. I'm glad too. For Both you and I. :-)