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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Broken Glass at the Emeryville Bank of America

Petty Criminals Mix It Up With
Vicious Felons In Emeryville

Broken Windows at Emeryville Bank of America
Petty criminals engage in misdemeanor

lawlessness in our town.
"A country's conscience sometimes has to be triggered by some inconvenience." 
- President Obama

Many residents have watched with alarm over the last several days as Emeryville has been the site of large protests over police shooting of unarmed black men across the country.  Angry protesters have engaged in misdemeanor window breaking of businesses while other more vicious felonious criminals have ensconced themselves in our town, defrauding Emeryville residents, stealing people's retirement savings.  Many of those committing the misdemeanors have been arrested while the felons have not yet been brought to justice, it's interesting to note.
San Pablo Avenue served as a stage for a battle Tuesday night with petty protester criminals targeting these larger sociopath felons as they broke every window at the local branch of Bank of America.

Other businesses had their windows broken by protesters and there was some vehicle damage Emeryville police said.
Here at the Tattler, we applaud all peaceful protesters, certainly those who cannot countenance the deplorable and growing culture of police brutality against black men in our country.  To block traffic is an acceptable (and effective) tactic for protesters.  However, the destruction of private property is not acceptable in furtherance of this lofty cause...with one notable exception.

Fines But No Jail Time For Criminal Perpetrators
at Bank of America 
This criminal enterprise in our midst continues on
with their felonious behavior, unabated.  


  1. F-ing hilarious! You got me with this one!

  2. I would disagree that blocking traffic is acceptable as emergency services need roads to get where they need to be.

    1. One could also argue it's wrong to protest against police because it has an attritionary effect on people's confidence with and respect for the law, something that would tear the fabric of society and lead to its degradation.