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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Emeryville Police Warn of "Severe" Flooding

From the Emeryville Police Department:

Advisory: Severe Rain/Flooding in effect for low level areas of Emeryville thru today and tomorrow.

Citizens and Visitors of Emeryville please be advised of severe rain and flooding of low levels through out Emeryville. Debris from trees have fallen and numerous cars have stalled out in standing water throughout the city.
Drive Slowly, use your headlights, traverse water at the lowest perceived levels or avoid standing water if possible.
Be aware of the high winds and avoid being outdoors if possible.
Please keep all pets inside.
The heavy rains are due to last through today and in to tomorrow.
Take necessary safety precautions.

For non-emergency questions, call Emeryville Police (510) 596-3700
For emergencies call 911.

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