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Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Government Accountability Project

The Emeryville Government Accountability Project
Citizen Access

As part of the on-going effort to strengthen democratic institutions and citizen 
involvement in Emeryville, the Tattler will publish the telephone numbers of 
elected officials as they become known.  

For decades here politicians made their phone numbers public and would take 
calls from constituents.  Sadly, this tradition has been waning, and citizen access 
has eroded.  Meanwhile, developers and other corporate interests who would feed 
at the public trough routinely meet with the politicians and city staff in closed door 
We are dismayed to see this weakening of citizen access to the levers of power 
even while corporate access has never been stronger.  Accordingly, we now 
add the telephone numbers of  City Council members Scott Donahue and Dianne Martinez as well as School Board members Christian Patz and Donn Merriam to the list of numbers of Emeryville's elected officials.  
Future would be politicians should take warning:  If you win office and try to 
keep your telephone number confidential, the Tattler will publish it if we can find it.

Here then are the newest contacts-

Scott Donahue, City Council member:
(510) 658-5182

Dianne Martinez, City Council member:
(310) 748-6934

Donn Merriam, School Board member:
(415) 902-1983

Christian Patz, School Board member:
(510) 938-6917

Here is the rest of the list:
City Council
Nora Davis -  (510) 652-2199
Ruth Atkin - (510) 915-0167
Jac Asher - (510) 333-8437  

School Board
John Affeldt - (510) 547-7757
Joy Kent - (510) 922-1714
Melodi Dice - (510) 655-4354 


  1. This might be the most impartial thing you've ever done Mr. Donahue (Posting #'s of ALL the Councilmembers and not JUST the one's you support)! Perhaps there is hope that you can one day truly work to support ALL Emeryville residents and not just the narrow, white, elderly paranoid ones.

    1. We're not interested in impartiality here at the Tattler. We're got a pro-resident bias. It's proudly posted right in the masthead under 'The Emeryville Tattler'. If you want impartiality, the Tattler's not for you.
      The Tattler sometimes posts stories about white people. Sometimes old people too. If you don't like those kinds of people, we suggest you don't read the Tattler.