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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Adeline Street's Scarlet City Espresso Bar Has Emeryville Values

Emeryville Model Small Business of the Moment

Scarlet City Espresso Bar

Emeryville Community Spirit
Scarlet City Espresso Bar's proprietors
Susanna Handow & Jen St.Hilaire
The rancorous pretension descended upon Emeryville City Hall over the minimum wage debate of late has found a community minded antecedent in one small business with true Emeryville community spirit: Adeline Street's Scarlet City Espresso Bar*.  This little neighborhood serving shop has resisted the acrimonious urgings of Shellmound Avenue's Black Bear Diner (and their paymasters at the California Restaurant Association) to resist the move to bring social and economic justice to Emeryville in the form of a $15 minimum wage.

Scarlet City, at 3960 Adeline Street, is a small business model for Emeryville- standing up and encouraging the City Council to adopt the San Francisco phase-in rate (which Council adopted as a model for the small business minimum wage, giving small businesses in our city a five year phase-in).  This proposal will begin with a raise to $12.25 to meet the rate of neighboring cities and progress to the goal of $15 in 2018.

The folks at Scarlet City have Emeryville values (and the coffee concoctions they make are delicious).  This is the kind of business any community would seek to welcome.

 *Note: Tattler correction- Since this story was posted, this business has signed a petition against the City Council's action on the minimum wage.  They shifted their previous approval of the minimum wage to being angry about it and demanding a moratorium.  To say Scarlett City has Emeryville values may be overwrought we're sorry to report.
Below; Ms Handow tells the Emeryville City Council they should seek a path to a $15 minimum wage in 2018 as San Francisco is doing:

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  1. I don't know if they have Emeryville values or not unless Emeryville values really good espresso. Then I'd have to say I agree.