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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jacqueline Asher Wins Council Bid

Jac Asher Wins
Ken Bukowski Defeated

Breaking news
Jaqueline (Jac) Asher has won her city council bid, making her Emeryville's newest council member.  Emeryville will return Nora Davis and Ruth Atkin to the council but Ms Asher netted the most votes today, handily beating the two incumbents Ms Davis and Ms Atkin.  Ken Bukowski ends a 24 year council career with the results.

Results (all precincts reporting)* 
  1. Jac Asher            735 (wins)
  2. Nora Davis          688 (wins)
  3. Ruth Atkin           679 (wins)
  4. Ken Bukowski     358 (loses)
  5. Michael Webber  257 (loses)
F     yes   364
        no    686 (win)

C    yes   889 (win)
        no   206

D    yes   866 (win)
       no    225

*Provisional ballots excluded


  1. Congrats to Jaqueline Asher, her crew, and her supporters! And thanks to all the sensible voters who didn't include Bukowski on their ballots...

  2. Sensible? Bukowski was the only proven council member. This election was bought by the same special interests that have always ruled. Now it looks like Nora Davis can continue her reign of power without any checks and balances, or accountability. Emeryville has suffered a great loss.

  3. To 10:38-
    The political dynamics have been dramatically reshuffled and it's probably too early to reach the kind of conclusion you've made here. As to our town suffering a loss; well we did lose Ken Bukowski, that's a big change, but we've also gained the hugely competent Jac Asher and that's a large gain. No one really knows how this will shake out in terms of public policy formulation and interpersonal City Hall machinations but I think it's going to be all for the good. We had an election, we selected a new council member....that's a good thing.

  4. I'm glad that citizens elected someone to the City Council who is regarded as "pro family" and I wish Jac Asher the very best. It's also good that voters sent a message to our corporate citizens that we need more help from them. Beyond that, I don't see this election as a dramatic reshuffling of anything since the people who brought us to the brink still have enough power to push us over the cliff. We'll see.

  5. My only beef with Jac during the campaign, was that she plays her cards very close to the vest. Apparently, in campaigns, that is the way to go, since she not only beat Ken, beat me, she also got more votes that Ruth and Nora!

    I hope that now she is in office she will begin to gradually share her policy and administrative goals, and I hope she chooses well who she keeps at her elbow as advisors and confidantes. I will certainly rally around to support her if, as many of us suspect, the only "hidden agenda" she carries into City Hall is to clean it up! If she is a supporter or openness, of transparency beyond the letter of the Brown Act, and engagement with residents, we can only end up better in the end. I certainly hope she reverses the trend of City policy being de facto generated by Staff instead of by the Council.

    Jac Asher now HAS the best - a chance to make a real difference in Emeryville. I wish US, the residents, the best now - a Council Member who can shift the balance from big business "deals" to the overall quality of life and business in Emeryville - make Emeryville more "people" friendly. More like Berkeley, less like the City of Industry, with whom Emeryville shares a propensity to "redevelopment agency" every square meter of land in its boundaries.

  6. This comment isn't so much about the election and results but about voting in Emeryville. My first experience last election at Anna Yates-nice enough with friendly helpful people. Last nights experience at the High School was horrible. (It should be known I didn't expect to meet my new BFF there, but I didn't expect to be ignored either.) My partner and I were not greeted in anyway but ushered to a table--like we were taking up time. Lets be real--there was only one other voter at that time and the person who was supposed to be at the desk wasn't there--she was nibbling on food talking to someone else! After checking in, and then signing my name the woman handing out the ballots was more concerned with chit-chatting with people that she knew that had just come in behind us and letting one of them cut in front of me! "Hi so-&-so." "How's going?" etc.
    I was excited to make my vote count and left feeling so discounted. Don't get me wrong--I'm and adult and this won't stop me from voting next time and this feeling will pass. It's just a shame...this hasn't turned out to be the friendly city I'd imagined it to be when we bought our home.