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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Portrait Of Power

One photo captures raw, unadulterated political power in Emeryville; the corporate ideologue benefactor and her muse.  All the mutual backscratching, corporate aegis, political patronage, favoritism, government largess, taxpayer bailout, government subsidy, cronyism, influence peddling, private prerogative, dissent suppression, and discreet dispensation captured in one snapshot:

Emeryville council member Nora Davis
Wareham Development president Rich Robbins


  1. Mayor Nora Davis is a prime example of why term limits were imposed in government. Mostly Emeryville residents have no clue as to what she is doing, and she represents the complete opposite of democracy. She is very sharp, but her abilities are being used against the citizens. You can see for yourself by watching the videos at

  2. The real power in Emeryville lies in the hands of the voters, and Emeryville voters have been much more active in recent years thanks in large part to the pioneering work of John Fricke to empower the residents.

    If active voters - those who care enough to vote in every, or almost every, election, whether local, state, or national - get the word out to their less-frequently voting friends and neighbors in this election, the incumbents might be surprised by the desire of voters for real change in the Council Chambers.

    I urge voters to watch the League of Women Voters Candidates Forum during which all 5 candidates responded to unrehearsed questions:

  3. The portrait tells a tale for Emeryville. We are looking at two people who want it their way.

    I have lost their support because of my effort with the City Attorney, refusal to support Nora for re-election, and my effort to organize the community for an Annual Meeting.

    An Annual Meeting is the first step to providing residents with a voice. Can you picture an HOA (homeowners association) without an annual meeting...? Picture all the board members are elected with money from special interests. They also provide someone to run your campaign.

    In future City Council elections, we need to create a comprehensive questionairre for each city council candidate to complete. It's no different than looking for a job.

    Let's save all the expsnsive graphic campaign mailers, which have no real information, and provide real answers to questions. Each candidate should be interviewed on live TV. Each candidate should have an opportunity to question the other candidates. People should be allowed to call in their questions.

    This is something the residents can adopt, if we can bring people together. If you are an advocate for change in Emeryville, please join other residents and return the Voter Petition.

    Unless we have a meeting to identify what the voters want, no direction is provided. Once elected, if someone says, why did you win the election, and what message did you get from the voters in the election....? What will the answer be.....?

    Creationg on on going voice for the Residents, is the most important thing we can do for each other.. This is a fight for democracy. Join your neighbors, put negativity aside, and help create something for all of us to benefit from.

    Even if you are not supporting me in this election, please join your neighbors, and return the Voter Petition with your choices.