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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Letter To The Tattler: Michael Webber

The following letter is from Emeryville resident, Michael Webber.  Mr Webber is running for city council.
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When I announced my candidacy a few months ago, the first question that was asked me by Residents United for a Livable Emeryville (RULE) members was whether Council Member Ken Bukowski was helping me get started principally to draw off votes from candidate Jac Asher.

I hope that RULE and the other residents understand, now, that I have been running because I care about Emeryville.

I have not been running against Jac.

I have been running against Council Member Nora Davis and the outdated policies she represents. The extreme pro-business, pro- "big", policies that are no longer appropriate for a maturing city like Emeryville. (The worst example of this is "capping" the business license tax on the current ballot measure, but inviting Lawrence Berkeley to move into Emeryville, tax-free, is another bad example - Lawrence Berkeley is exempt from taxes and that shelters their landlord too.)

I truly think this is the election where we can retire Nora Davis, since she seems unwilling to step gracefully from office and take credit for her early years in office.

If RULE and other progressives in this community vote for only one new candidate today, they will be shortchanging the future. They should be voting for only one incumbent today, and using two of their three votes to send two new Council Members to City Hall.


Michael Webber

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