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Monday, August 25, 2014

Breaking News: New Elementary School Principal 'No Show' on First Day of School

Missing School Principal

Today, the first day of the new year for the Emery Unified School District is marked by a dramatic no show from the newly hired but controversial Anna Yates Elementary School Principal, Russom Mesfun, an event likely initiated by District Superintendent John Rubio the Tattler has learned.  Mr Rubio, who was responsible for the hiring of Mr Mesfun, announced more information would be made public on Thursday regarding the missing school principal.
Asked directly, Superintendant Rubio was cagey but he hinted that if intractable problems arose between a new Principal and staff at the school, he would support the staff.  He indicated he would be filling in personally for the absent Principal, at least temporarily.  The District has also recently hired a new Assistant Principal for Anna Yates, Barry LaBasse.  The assistant principal is a newly created position for the school.
Superintendent Rubio said the District would reveal all that could legally be revealed regarding the sudden shake up at Anna Yates, starting Thursday.

The hiring of Principal Mesfun caused a stir within the pages of the Tattler recently.  Several teachers from another school district that claimed prior negative interaction with Mr Mesfun made alarming comments regarding Emery hiring him.  Those stories and comments can be accessed HERE and HERE.

The Tattler will closely follow this breaking story and report as events unfold.


  1. This is a revolting development. There's not enough money to replace the music teacher, Mr. Carraway, or provide for a music department at Anna Yates, but there's enough to hire an assistant principal? This is a load of horse puckey.

    1. I disagree. Rubio got rid of the District Finance Officer (Mark Bonnet) and a couple of other administrative positions a school district our size doesn't need. A Vice Principal position is desperately needed. Rubio is doing a great job re-aligning the district administration. Kudos! That's all I'll say for now.

  2. An assistant principal is not needed for a school that small.

  3. This is very bad indeed (or good, depending on how you look at it) for the morale of the teachers and parents at Anna Yates. I would think confidence in Mr. Rubio has dropped a few notches since he staunchly defended Mr. Mesfun three weeks ago.

    Is he on "administrative leave with pay?" What does the School Board of Trustees and the committee who appointed Mr. Mesfun have to say about this?

  4. Mark Bonnett is gone??? I can't keep up with all of these departures and changes.

  5. I'll wait for Thursday, but if in fact Mesfun is out, then I am extremely impressed with Dr. Rubio. We haven't seen someone in this District willing to take ANY action that might indicate they made a mistake in years and years. I'd rather have someone without ego who took corrective action once it was clear it was necessary even if it did take him longer to come around than it should have. Rubio may have just made the most impressive decision anyone in leadership within this District has made in years. (I would also applaud Dr. Patz, our newest board member, who voted NO on approving Mesfun.)

  6. First off, AYES does need an AP. Those that say we don't, more than likely don't set foot on campus or talk with staff. The school is K-8 now and it's too big if a job for just one person. A lot of staff, myself included, asked for an AP.

    As for Dr. Mesfun........Dr. Rubio actually gained a LOT of RESPECT with deciding to let Mesfun go. Dr. Rubio met with the staff today and let us know Mesfun is OUT! I will follow anyone who can admit making a mistake and owning up to it. Dr. Rubio said he supports the staff at AYES and I'm going to take him at his word. Letting Mesfun go shoes that.

    I welcome sntine to visit our school and talk with staff before saying what we need or don't need

    And Ron, we'd LOVE to have your family back at AYES! Your family is awesome!!!

  7. We are still there, We believe in Dr. Rubio and the Teachers and staff.

  8. Rumor has it, Mesfun is officially gone.

  9. Thank you Tattler for staying on this story. In lieu of a beat reporter from any of the local news orgs. or an open community forum, you are providing great service to the community. Although I dog you at times I'm obviously an active supporter. I'll never admit that publicly though. ;-)

  10. I don't know if any of the comments from his previous district helped to get Mesfun out of your district but if they did itwould be a grat help to the next area Mr Mesfun shows up to. We in the Fillmore USD followed him and were not going to allow this to happen to another district. I applaud the parents and citizens of your area in getting this done. I think the credit belongs to you and not Rubio. The pressure on him made the decision. If you remember Rubio staked his reputation on the hiring. What does that say about him?

  11. The jury is still out on Rubio. Here we are 3rd week in and we have no idea about a principal going forward, what happened to Mesfune and why the sudden departure. He staked his reputation now he needs to stand behind that and tell us why and how it all went wrong and how he (Rubio) is going do to prevent making such a bonehead decision in the future. I imagine our District HR person has a lot of explaining to do as well.
    The silence is deafening. Things have not changed as far as district communication. Oh and we still do not have a PTO. Same old broken record if you ask me.

  12. Replies
    1. Thanks Barb-
      I've been waiting for something definitive from the School District. I don't think now that's ever going to come. I could do an editorial but not much else.