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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Four Candidates File for November Council Race

Four candidates have filed paperwork with the City Clerk for two open Emeryville City Council seats for the November 4th election. The four are: John Bauters, Ken Bukowski, Scott Donahue & Dianne Martinez.  Mr Donahue and Ms Martinez are running together as a slate.

The following was submitted by John Bauters as his Candidate's Statement:

Dear Neighbors and Friends,
As a small but strong city in the heart of the East Bay, Emeryville is strategically positioned to serve as a regional model of smart development, sustainable growth and social diversity.  I have spent ten years in nonprofit development, promoting public policies and practices that advance the livability of local communities.  As our resident population grows, the need to protect what makes Emeryville livable should be at the forefront of local decisions. Families deserve to live where there are green spaces for children and dogs to play; outdoor enthusiasts deserve to enjoy the natural marvels of life in the East Bay without additional traffic congestion and pollution; and people of all economic classes and social identities deserve the opportunity to not just live and work, but thrive in a place we can all call "home."  As  a statewide policy director on issues related to affordable and transit-oriented home development and sustainable growth, I understand the importance of compromise and cooperation as a means of making progress.  If trusted with your vote, I will use those skills to keep Emeryville a livable, desirable place for us all.

The following was submitted by Scott Donahue as his Candidate's Statement:

I have lived in Emeryville for over 30 years, residing with my wife at the Emeryville Artists Cooperative, which I cofounded.  I am a local artist who has earned most of my living making public art, including the sculpture at the PG&E building here in Emeryville.  I have served the City as a member of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee for more than 10 years, ensuring that Emeryville remains a leader in reducing carbon emissions through our commitment to non-motorized transportation.  The elimination of the Emeryville Redevelopment Agency has left a significant funding gap in our city's capital projects budget, which has halted many important affordable housing projects.  The next city council will need to focus on ensuring the economic viability of Emeryville, while also making our city more livable by prioritizing neighborhoods and public safety.  As your councilmember, I will work to preserve our outstanding police and fire services.  I will uphold the community’s demand for safe, viable connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists, and I will work to make sure that Emeryville's public transportation needs are met. Key endorsements: Mayor Jac Asher, Councilmember Nora Davis, Councilmember Jennifer West, Councilmember Ruth Atkin

The following was submitted by Dianne Martinez as her Candidate's Statement:

I am a television producer with experience managing projects from San Francisco to Siberia.  I’m able to process large amounts of information and drill down to what is important.  I know how to research complex issues, ask direct questions, and most importantly, listen.  I have two preschool-aged children, whom I look forward to sending to public school in Emeryville. With Jennifer West leaving office, Emeryville is losing the voice of a young parent on our City Council.   I’m running for City Council to stand up for the issues that matter to families. As a mother, schools and safety are prime concerns.  As your Councilmember, I will work to preserve Emeryville’s outstanding police and fire services and uphold the community’s demand for safe and viable connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists.  I will also work to ensure that Emeryville’s public transportation needs are met.  You can count on me to give thoughtful consideration to the issues that face our city.   For more information, visit www.martinez2014.orgKey endorsements: Mayor Jac Asher, Councilmember Ruth Atkin, Councilmember Nora Davis. Councilmember Jennifer West.

Ken Bukowski did not file a Candidate's Statement.


  1. Who is John Bauters? How long has he lived in Emeryville. His candidate's statement sounds eerily the same as Frank Flores and Jason Crouch (and even they participated in city government before they decided to run for City Council.) How is it that I have lived in Emeryville for many many years and never heard his name before?


    1. I hope we find out who John Bauters is. He makes a very cogent, well thought out, and impressive Statement. He might be a very viable candidate.

    2. After a quick search of the FPPC website to see if the candidates have a registered campaign committee, here is what I found. Is this the same person who is running?

      John Bauters - Lobbyist for Housing California FPPC# 1362892

      900 J STREET, 2ND FLOOR
      SACRAMENTO, CA 95814
      Phone: (916) 287-9886

      John Bauters joined Housing California in January 2014 as Policy Director -- Homelessness, and is primarily responsible for the implementation of Housing California’s homelessness policy objectives. Prior to joining Housing California, John spent the last six years working in legal aid defending tenants in eviction trials. His practice focused both on defending disabled tenants entitled to protections under the Fair Housing Act as well as public housing residents accused of violating HUD’s “one strike” policy for drug and criminal-related activity. Prior to practicing law, John served as judicial clerk to the Superior Court of the United States Virgin Islands and worked as a disaster relief operations manager for the American Red Cross.
      John received his B.A. in government and psychology from the University of Notre Dame, and his J.D. from Boston College Law School. He grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. John is an avid runner, works as a softball umpire on the weekends and is a huge fan of both the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings.

  2. Ken Bukowski is highly qualified to serve, and we should have a chance to evaluate his position. Please keep after him, for a Statement. You owe that to the Emeryville voters, and I, for one, would appreciate such an effort.

    1. OK Ken. But why are you using your name in the third party?

    2. Why are you being so hostile to Ken?

    3. Check the masthead here under the words Emeryville Tattler. That should provide a clue as to the motivations here.

    4. Lol, Ken Bukowski is a crack smoking cancer on the city of Emeryville, by all means, re-elect him and keep it business as usual.