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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Emeryville Art Committee Weeds Out Bad Artists

Accosted by Juvenile Art While 
Waiting for Your Bus

Emeryville's Public Art Committee knows art.  In particular, they know WHO makes art and they especially know who DOESN'T.  They have determined Emeryville residents under the age of 18 are NOT ARTISTS.  Accordingly, the Committee has moved to protect the public from these young poseur artist wanna-be's by forbidding them from applying for Emeryville's Bus Shelter Art Program.  Coming this fall to Emeryville bus stops: artwork about plants and animals. A postcard sent out to Emeryville residents from the City spells out just who's qualified and who's not for the bus stop artwork displays.  Who's at the front of the bus and who's at the back of the bus you might say.

Take a look at some examples (below) of degenerate artwork not worthy of the City of Emeryville's seal of approval.
Let's weed out the inappropriate art...

Age 5: Dreadful 
Age 10: Rehashed 

Age 5: Slipshod 
Age 7: Godawful 
Age 6: Derivative 
Age 9: Unacceptable  


  1. Your frivolous protests weaken (by association) your serious protests.

    1. Your frivolous post is someone else's serious post and conversely someone else's frivolous post is your serious post. They can't all go up to 11 for everybody.

  2. As I said, if you can't tell the difference between a frivolous protest and a serious one
    your credibility suffers.

    1. Perhaps the Tattler is not for you then. Feel free to get your Emeryville news straight from City Hall's E News. There's nothing frivolous there. Good luck.

  3. I think citizen confused frivolity with sarcasm. Brian has a completely valid point here: Why the arbitrary age restriction on this public art competition? I see nothing frivolous about raising this issue.