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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Four Candidates File for Three November School Board Seats

Four candidates have filed for three Emery School District Board of Trustee seats for the November 4th general election.  The four are John Affeldt (incumbent), Miguel Dwin (incumbent), Donn Merrriam and Christian Patz (incumbent).

John Affeldt submitted as his candidate's statement the following:
I am Vice-President of the Emery Unified School District Board.  My son is beginning his fourth year at Anna Yates where I was vice-chair of the School Site Council before joining the Board in 2012.  After graduating with honors from Stanford undergrad and Harvard Law School, I became an attorney at Public Advocates.  For 23 years there, I have worked to improve educational opportunities for low-income students and students of color in California.  I have twice been recognized by statewide publications as an Attorney of the Year (2005 & 2010) for this work.  As a lead counsel on one landmark case, I helped negotiate a 2004 settlement with the State guaranteeing California's students sufficient instructional materials, decent facilities and qualified teachers, particularly for English learners, securing over $1 billion to support these requirements.  I am currently lead counsel on another case, challenging the State for grossly underfunding California schools.  On the Board, I have worked to improve public accountability, parent and student engagement, and communication with teacher leadership.  We are building a new full service community school to integrate education, health, and community services that stands to serve as a national model.  I ask your support in continuing this important work.

Donn Merriam submitted as his candidate's statement the following:
If given the opportunity, it would be an honor to represent you as a member of the EUSD Governing Board.  My goal is to make sure the best decisions are made about administrative positions, teacher relations, parental involvement, facilities developments and their associated financial obligations.  EUSD is in the process of construction the new Emeryville Center of Community Life (ECCL) which provides our educational system a fresh start; an exciting new beginning.  As a member of the Board I will commit the time and effort needed to nurture this unique opportunity, to insure its success.  I am enthusiastic about contributing to the community by lending my expertise to the creation of this new learning environment.  I'm on the HOA board of my condominium complex, which is currently dealing with an extensive construction oversight and provide direct owner representation.  Additionally, as an Architect with 20+ years of experience specializing in public K-12 educational design, my involvement will contribute to the successful completion of the new ECCL and foster a more positive educational environment.  Please visit "' for additional information.

Miguel Dwin and Christian Patz did not submit candidate's statements.

Note: These candidate's statements are not due to be released to the public until late September when the Alameda County Voter's Guide is mailed to voters.  As a consequence,  Mr Merriam's website may not be ready for viewing immediately.


  1. I encourage all candidates to post to their statements, position papers, endorsements, and other materials they want shared so as to inform voters. It's a fabulous way to keep money out of politics and our mailboxes free from onslaught. Check out:

    Thanks Brian for THIS venue!

  2. Thank you Cheryl, for mentioning

    I belong to the League of Women Voters - Berkeley, Albany & Emeryville (BAE) League: (there is a link to SmartVoter on the front page)

    After the August 28th, the SmartVoter staff (State Level) will start reaching out to candidates to include their information on the website.

    Local campaign events may be sent to who will make sure they are posted on our Local (BAE)website.